And so it begins… Day 1

Day one of my whole30.

I feel like it went okay. Most of the day I was totally full and satisfied, however I did notice toward the end of the day I started feeling crabby. I also started to get a headache off and on, which could have also been from the fact that it was ninety plus degrees today so maybe I didn’t drink enough water, even though I’m pretty sure I went over a gallon. Anyways, hopefully the next week won’t be too difficult as I fight off the sugar demon.  

Day 1 Food:

Breakfast: Scotch egg w/ half avocado. I love these, they are filling and they taste so good! Image

Lunch: Easy Mexican Salad served over lettuce. This was great. It filled me up for a long time as dinner came late today but I wasn’t starving by the time we got home. Image

Dinner: My Fav. Choc Chili with lettuce, onion, and half avocado on top. This was amazing, it was great to come home to a delicious meal ready in the slow cooker and it was also very filling. (I started nomming before I even took the picture, HA)Image

Snack: a couple of raspberries and a half a banana

I think today was fairly simple. I do wish I had realized I was making two ground beef dishes in the same day. I didn’t intend to, but it did use up a three-pound package of meat I got this weekend. I also wish I’d realized I was making two spicy tomato based meals because I am sitting here burping like a champion.  

Water: 5- 32oz cups full of water.

Now I am super tired (which is unusual for me being a chronic insomniac) so I am going to take advantage if that, and hope I get a few hours of rest.



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