Oh this old thing?

So it’s been a while since I’ve got on here. I have a lot going on in the real world these days, a new job, my son, summer, lifestyle changes. I’m currently starting my whole30, which is essentially hardcore paleo. I decided I will use this as my journal throughout my whole30. They say it helps to write your food down and keep track of how you’re feeling (so at the end you can look back and laugh that you wanted to throat punch someone because you hadn’t tasted sugar in a week, haha). So Here will be where I write all the random crap down. I have a set of goals that I am trying to achieve, and hopefully the whole30 will help me achieve them. I will post tonight with my food log for the day and some of my feelings.

I will say, I’m a little nervous. I know I have a food addiction, and I know I haven’t always made the best food decisions, but since discovering paleo a few years ago and trying it out I have felt a huge change in myself. I would love to see the same come from the whole30 and make it a whole life experience.

We’ll see!!


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