Freaking birthdays….

So I need to catch up on my whole 30 diary. Yesterday was hard! My baby brother turned 21 which is awesome and scary because he’s the last of our generation. I honestly can’t believe he’s all grown up. Our cousins came to celebrate with us and we took Z to the bar. It was a night full of temptations. A warm summer night and the street food was everywhere, as well as the drinks. I felt a little bad about not being able to have a drink with my brother, but in the long run I’m sure I’ll have many. I did pretty well throughout the day, but felt kind of craving-ish and grumpy at night. I didn’t get the headache as bad, but D was pissy all day.  Food diary for yesterday (day 2)

Breakfast: Scotch egg with a fried-in ghee egg (too much sausage on these things, needs two eggs IMO) and raspberries.

Lunch: chili leftovers on a half a sweet potato with lettuce.

Dinner: 2 eggs scrambled with some mushrooms, avocado, and salsa on top.

Snacks: peach and a couple handfuls of nut mix (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts)


Yesterday was hard, but today was even harder. 
I got to sleep in a little this morning, which was lovely because I have been feeling insanely tired. That’s one big difference, I have just been totally pooped since starting this. Totally hoping I get that energy burst soon. 

Anyways, today was hard because it’s been stupid hot for the past few days, and last night was long, and my son didn’t nap, and I could go on. Just lots to do in one day. I also started dinner too late, and forgot I had a hardcore hooping class so I had to leave JUST before dinner was done (UGH!). 

So I went to my hooping class without anything in my stomach (way to go, Ambre) and wasn’t entirely feeling it. However, when I got home I had food ready so that was a plus. Here’s a recap of my food intake today. 

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with mushroom, chard, and scallions, topped with salsa.

Lunch: Fiesta tuna with green pepper, cucumber, and jicama sticks (this was SO good!)

Dinner: Paleo chicken fingers with cumin roasted carrots. 

Snacks: Banana with sunbutterImage

 I didn’t even eat a green at dinner, but I was not feeling great, so I just opted to finish what was already prepared and go lay down. I’m not feeling awesome tonight, pretty tired, a little dizzy, and I keep having bouts of nausea.The headache seems to have subsided today, so that’s a win.  I’m hoping it’s just for today. I’m not sure exactly what’s planned for tomorrow, but I keep on believing that the next day will be better.  Anyway, I need to get some sleep tonight, hopefully that will help…



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