Tell me it gets better…

Okay, so today downright sucked. It was my hardest day so far. Most of the day today I laid on my bed and was totally sick to my stomach. The nausea lasted for about eighty percent of my time awake. I also fell asleep midday as I was trying to relax and not throw up on myself. I had to literally choke down my lunch (which is not properly pictured here because I was almost vomiting and didn’t think I could even look at the food). My fiance was my savior today, he saw how badly I was feeling and he offered to make dinner. I went out to help chop because I was trying to keep my mind off dying. He wanted to make buffalo chicken salad which is a favorite of mine, and it really filled my stomach and nourished me to the point where I was feeling MUCH better after. I think it really kicked me in the ass, which is what I needed. Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: 2 eggs over medium with a handful of blueberries

Lunch: half a cucumber sliced, a date, a handful of my nut mix (hazelnuts, cashews, almonds)

Snack: hardboiled egg (this almost made me barf) and more nut mix for fat

Dinner: ‘buffalo’ chicken salad – we adjusted this with what we had and it was leftover chicken from last night, franks red hot sauce (my favorite), homemade ranch on lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers and onions.

All I can say about today is that I’m hoping that the next few days aren’t anything like it. It was pretty brutal and I am trying to tell myself it will only get better from here. Thank god for that dinner salad or I would have been curled up in bed well before now. Lets hope tomorrow doesn’t suck as much!

Onward and Upward, or some shit like that…



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