Yay! I don’t feel like crap!

Day five of the whole30 journey and I think I’m doing alright tonight. I need to make this quick so I can get to sleep so I’m just going to wrap up my day. It is about one hundred degrees here today and for Maine that’s pretty insane. Breakfast is still giving me a hard time because I don’t have any spinach and I don’t know what other veggie I will eat in the morning with moderate cooking. Spent most of the day hanging on the couch trying (unsuccessfully) not to sweat my ass off. After LittleD’s nap and a yummy lunch we went to BigD’s parents house for a swim. God, that saved us all. We were all grumpy and hot and playing in the pool for a few hours was just what we needed to not bite each others heads off. We ended up staying at BigD’s parents for dinner and they eat, well pretty much the exact opposite of what we are eating right now, but we had stopped at Whole Foods earlier and had some food with us. Overall it was a pretty good day, energy was stable and didn’t feel like vomiting, falling asleep on myself, or crying spontaneously at any point in the day, so I’d say that’s a win. Okay, here’s the food rundown:

Breakfast: half a scotch egg with an egg fried in coconut oil, half avocado, watermelon

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad (this is going to be a go-to meal, I can tell) with chicken, franks, homemade ranch,  lettuce, onions, cucumbers, and green peppers and a handful of nut mix

Dinner: (at inlaws) half a grilled ribeye, grilled zucchini and summer squash, half a larabar (for the fats) **Also, I was pretty hungry and in hang out mode at their house and forgot to take a picture of this one.

Snack: handful of nuts



I can tell from today that the buffalo chicken salad is going to be strong in my rotation, mostly because I LOVE franks, and really would eat in on anything, but it’s superb with salad and chicken. I also have started to think that I’m doing better than I thought overcoming the cravings and believing in what I’m doing. I really think that reading the book and learning as much about the science of what happens to food in my body has put me at more at ease with my food choices right now. I’m hoping that the next few days stay fairly easy since they’re going to be busy and full of travel, temptation, and stress. Also, I start a new job next week, so I am nervous about going to work while eating this way and being around temptation. So far, so good though. Today was better than yesterday, and hopefully that is something I will be able to say for many more days.


And, now I’m tired, goodnight.


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