Sleepy Tiredface

Just writing this from my phone to get it out before I forget.  Today was not bad at all,  but I could have fallen asleep at any given moment.  Here’s the food,  update on the rest tomorrow.

Breakfast: two eggs scrambled with carnitas, salsa,  leftover guacamole, and some watermelon

Lunch: two apple gate farms all natural turkey dogs grilled with mustard, half a grilled zucchini, half a grilled summer squash, and a peach.

Dinner: leftover carnitas on lettuce with guacamole and some Franks red-hot sauce

Snack: a couple handful’s of nut mix throughout the day,  a date with dinner.

I feel like I kinda fed the sugar dragon today , so I’ll try better tomorrow.  I have noticed I’m hungrier today,  so I may need to have some bigger meals. Tomorrow we are running crazy all day so I’m hoping I can suffice without too many snacks.

Will update more tomorrow

Choo choo! 



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