day eight is great…ish.

Okay, so today I am feeling kind of blah. I really don’t feel great, and have been hungry more today than in the previous days. I’m also having a hard time finding food that I want to eat enough of to fill me up, and I have had a lingering headache. I don’t think I drank enough water today, which I think is what’s causing my headache. I also had a semi busy day and was rushing when I ate my lunch and didn’t like that too much. Tomorrow I start a new job and I’m nervous to 1. be away from my son for long periods of time, and 2. keep on track with eating when I’m super busy and stressed. Hopefully I’ll get better at preparing and find some more meals that I like that I can prepare ahead of time. Right now I feel like we’re still in the meal testing phase so we’re ending up with leftovers of things that we don’t really love and are ‘forgetting’ to eat.

Breakfast: two eggs scambled in ghee, three strawberries, some green beans

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad (forgot picture again)

Dinner: spaghetti squash (YUM) with meatballs and sauce. These meatballs were not good, at all. They tasted pretty much like chewing on plain old hamburger without any flavor, and almost made the meal hard to eat. Good thing I still have six leftover, BOO!

Snack: a couple bites of littleD’s key lime pie larabar, two handfuls of nuts, a few strawberries.

So, tomorrow is my first working day and hopefully it will go well. I’m very excited and nervous. I need to go pack myself some food, wish me luck!


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