Whole30 Day 12 eats.

Still busy being busy. Work was awesome today, I really hope this works out. I can totally handle looking through antiques and taking pictures all day while listening to my headphones. I might never leave.  Anyway, I didn’t take any pictures today mainly because of forgetting, but also I may be trying to avoid being the total oddball at work by taking pictures of my lunch on break in the cafeteria type lunchroom.  Also, I was so hungry for dinner that I just sat down and started eating without registering anything else.

I can tell that my eating habits are getting better. I am eating more rounded meals and eating more than I have before, but the weird thing is, now that I’m eating more I feel like I am hungrier. I am starting to want bigger meals to fill me up, which I think I need. I think I am finally adjusting to this diet and my meals need to be bigger. I still feel full, but I find myself needing a handful of nuts at least once a day and I know they aren’t an everyday filler. I’m going to try increasing my meals to see if it cuts down on the hunger (which I am sure it will).  Today wasn’t a great day, but it was also the first time in almost three years that I’ve had to work an eight-hour day shift at  a job, so I have been a little bit flustered.


Breakfast: two hard-boiled eggs

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad with salad greens, onion, cukes, red pepper, chicken

Dinner: marinated steak tip with broccoli, green beans, sweet potato and carrot fries.

Snacks: probably three handfuls of nuts, some grapes after dinner, a half a pecan pie larabar.

My emotions seem to be pretty in check, the cravings seem to be gone most of the time, but then they come back a little when I am starting to feel hungry before my meals. I think all in all I’m doing great, but just wish I could find a few more go to recipes and new things that are comforting and I want to eat repeatedly.  Okay, long day, super tired. YAY being in the workforce, BOO missing my kidlet when I’m at work. Hopefully this will get easier!

must sleep now.


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