Whole 30 Eats recap, and how all my electronics broke on the same day.

Day 13

Breakfast: hardboiled egg, sausage, and zucchini

Lunch: leftover tilapia, steak, zucchini, carrots, summer squash.

Dinner: two hamburger patties,  zucchini,  summer squash,  watermelon,  sauerkraut,  mustard,  homemade ketchup,  onion’s, lettuce.

Day 14

Breakfast: two eggs scrambled with red peppers and sausage, with hotsauce on top.

Lunch: tilapia w/ wilted kale

Dinner: Sunday dinner at bigD’s parents. carrots, broccoli, snap peas sauteed in olive oil, chicken marinated with vinegar and oil, tomatoes in balsamic, cucumbers in dill, zucchini, summer squash, onions and london broil from the grill.

Day 15

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms and sausage and a couple strawberries.

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad

Dinner: chicken with mexican spices in a cabbage leaf with salsa and a side of broccoli.

Day 16

Breakfast: two hard boiled eggs and a couple pieces of zucchini.

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad with lettuce, onion, tomatoes, green pep, snap peas

Dinner: mustard marinated pork chops (bigD made this and it was SO good.) with broccoli and zucchini

Day 17

Breakfast: two eggs fried in ghee with summer squash

Lunch: buffalo chicken sald with lettuce, onions, tom, pep, cukes, snap peas and franks, also had some strawberries.

Dinner:  chicken marinated in balsamic vinegar and oil, salad with olive oil on top, zucchini.

Day 18

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs *

Lunch: chicken cooked in ghee with guacamole on top and zucchini

Dinner: Leftover mustard pork with zucchini

Day 19

Breakfast: one hardboiled egg (I know, shitty breakfast, but my hardboiled eggs FROZE in my stupid fridge and when I took three out to eat, all but one was ruined totally)

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad (go-to work lunch) with onions, cukes, green pep, tomato, greens, snap peas, and franks.

Dinner: mexican meatza! holy crap, this was SO good. Nothing like pizza, but I like eating a hamburger patty that’s thin as opposed to making regular patties and eating them without a bun. with some green beans and brussel sprouts.

Day 20

Breakfast: two eggs scrambled (I’m running out of veggies and need to shop!)

So, all of my electronics seemed to have broken on the same day. No phone, computer, or anything was working for me after tuesday for some reason. I’ve had a SUPER crazy week and working is making me run around like a maniac all the time. I am hoping to be able to settle into a regular pattern soon, but it’s taking me longer than I’d like. We’ll see what happens in the next couple days. I know it’s going to be a hectic weekend, but I think I need to set some rules for myself and hopefully I can get back on track.

Grumpy and tired today, but my sleep has been all crazy off.

Saw BECK on Thursday night and it was AMAZING! Unreal in fact, he was SO good, he had the entire place on it’s feet and jumping. Waited far too long for him to come out here! After the show was the best part. D got a shirt signed and his parents got a picture. I am so tired and it’s 2pm, I have to go eat. Plan for the rest of the day Haddock, spinach and brussel sprouts for late lunch. Then hopefully getting something quick into my belly before going to see The Head and the Heart tonight! Weekend full of concerts! jimmy eat world on sunday, WOO!

Okay, I’m sleepy just thinking about it.



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