Whole30 Day 25 and I’m still alive.

Recap of food from yesterday

Breakfast: two small sausage patties, sweet potato homefries, and a fried in ghee egg on top! SO MUCH YUM!

Lunch: taco meat leftovers on a salad with onions, and green pep, salsa, and franks

Dinner: grilled chicken marinated in balsamic and olive oil, zucchini and summer squash, cauliflower

Snacks: probably 4 handfuls of nuts (ugh, didn’t feel great after the late night nut binge.) and a couple pieces of watermelon with lunch.

I felt really good yesterday. I was a little extra hungry, but I think our day was much longer than normal. We stayed late at my parents to hang out and catch up with them. I did have too much nut and raisin mix as a night time snack and noticed I got a bubbly belly after eating them, so that kind of stinks. I have begun to notice when certain things are effecting me, and how. I’m wondering and debating over whether I should do the low FODMAP autoimmune diet part of the whole30 for the next thirty days, as I do feel that I may be reacting to some of the higher FODMAP foods. Eh, I’ll think it over.

I was thinking today that if I continue my whole30 for another thirty days then I’ll be done with summer, and may have missed out on some of the amazing summer foods that Maine has to offer. Such as fried seafood and ice cream fresh from the farm. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I do think there will be more summers in my life and that now is the time to change so that I can enjoy those foods forever without feeling guilty about them. Still leaning towards my sixty days. 

BigD is having a rough time still, he’s not eating enough (because he’s such a damn picky eater) and he’s complaining that he wants all the shitty foods “because they taste good.” I’m pretty sure he’s got the palette of a spoiled five year old.  Hopefully I can teach littleD to be a better eater than that. 

Okay, well I’ve got a crap load of things still to do on this wet gross day, like hunt for some new reading glasses, exchange some pants that are TOO BIG for me, and make a stop at the dreadful mall to get some more smelly stick so everyone at my new job doesn’t realize I’m the stinky hippie. 🙂



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