day eight is great…ish.

Okay, so today I am feeling kind of blah. I really don’t feel great, and have been hungry more today than in the previous days. I’m also having a hard time finding food that I want to eat enough of to fill me up, and I have had a lingering headache. I don’t think I drank enough water today, which I think is what’s causing my headache. I also had a semi busy day and was rushing when I ate my lunch and didn’t like that too much. Tomorrow I start a new job and I’m nervous to 1. be away from my son for long periods of time, and 2. keep on track with eating when I’m super busy and stressed. Hopefully I’ll get better at preparing and find some more meals that I like that I can prepare ahead of time. Right now I feel like we’re still in the meal testing phase so we’re ending up with leftovers of things that we don’t really love and are ‘forgetting’ to eat.

Breakfast: two eggs scambled in ghee, three strawberries, some green beans

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad (forgot picture again)

Dinner: spaghetti squash (YUM) with meatballs and sauce. These meatballs were not good, at all. They tasted pretty much like chewing on plain old hamburger without any flavor, and almost made the meal hard to eat. Good thing I still have six leftover, BOO!

Snack: a couple bites of littleD’s key lime pie larabar, two handfuls of nuts, a few strawberries.

So, tomorrow is my first working day and hopefully it will go well. I’m very excited and nervous. I need to go pack myself some food, wish me luck!


Hell yes, week 1 is done!

Today marks the end of my first week of this whole30.

I’m so glad to say that it’s over and I’m hoping that the next three weeks will be much better. I’m trying to keep up with what I’m eating, and have been keeping it all in a journal, but have been forgetting to take pictures because I get so into the making and eating process. We were out all day today, we have actually been running since Saturday night, so I’m extremely proud that we have been able to keep making healthy choices. We packed our meals since we knew we’d be out, but we forgot to pack a fat to cook in, so handfuls of nuts took place of our fats today.

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs, handful of blueberries, handful of nuts.

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad, couple bites of cashew cookie larabar, three medium shrimp

Dinner: pork and steak marinated in olive oil, vinegar, and fresh herbs with summer squash, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, wilted chard, onions, red pepper, and some salad.*

Snack: a handful of nuts, half a can of sardines

*Dinner was WONDERFUL! My MIL is so amazing about being accommodating to our diet! She is so funny and understanding, she definitely gets where I’m coming from and has been welcoming of information I have to share with her. She is overwhelmingly supportive of almost all the choices we make and I couldn’t be more thrilled. This was her first attempt at cooking this way for us, too. Our family Sunday dinner are a special time for us all and I was worried we may have to give them up for this part of our lifestyle change. Thankfully, she’s fully supportive, and made us a darn good dinner!

Anyway, today was great, we played a lot with littleD, and took him to see Thomas the Train which was about the best thing he’s ever seen! He was blown away and had an absolute blast! We all had fun, and i felt great throughout the day. I was able to resist the (semi disgusting) smelling fair-type food at the festival, and made healthy choices and didn’t feel unsatisfied. All in all, I think I’m doing well. Hopefully it just keeps getting better from here on out. I do have to say, I am amazed at how much willpower I have, and I wish I had known this sooner. I am WAY stronger than I ever thought, and capable of resisting SO much!

Tomorrow’s another day!


Sleepy Tiredface

Just writing this from my phone to get it out before I forget.  Today was not bad at all,  but I could have fallen asleep at any given moment.  Here’s the food,  update on the rest tomorrow.

Breakfast: two eggs scrambled with carnitas, salsa,  leftover guacamole, and some watermelon

Lunch: two apple gate farms all natural turkey dogs grilled with mustard, half a grilled zucchini, half a grilled summer squash, and a peach.

Dinner: leftover carnitas on lettuce with guacamole and some Franks red-hot sauce

Snack: a couple handful’s of nut mix throughout the day,  a date with dinner.

I feel like I kinda fed the sugar dragon today , so I’ll try better tomorrow.  I have noticed I’m hungrier today,  so I may need to have some bigger meals. Tomorrow we are running crazy all day so I’m hoping I can suffice without too many snacks.

Will update more tomorrow

Choo choo! 


Yay! I don’t feel like crap!

Day five of the whole30 journey and I think I’m doing alright tonight. I need to make this quick so I can get to sleep so I’m just going to wrap up my day. It is about one hundred degrees here today and for Maine that’s pretty insane. Breakfast is still giving me a hard time because I don’t have any spinach and I don’t know what other veggie I will eat in the morning with moderate cooking. Spent most of the day hanging on the couch trying (unsuccessfully) not to sweat my ass off. After LittleD’s nap and a yummy lunch we went to BigD’s parents house for a swim. God, that saved us all. We were all grumpy and hot and playing in the pool for a few hours was just what we needed to not bite each others heads off. We ended up staying at BigD’s parents for dinner and they eat, well pretty much the exact opposite of what we are eating right now, but we had stopped at Whole Foods earlier and had some food with us. Overall it was a pretty good day, energy was stable and didn’t feel like vomiting, falling asleep on myself, or crying spontaneously at any point in the day, so I’d say that’s a win. Okay, here’s the food rundown:

Breakfast: half a scotch egg with an egg fried in coconut oil, half avocado, watermelon

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad (this is going to be a go-to meal, I can tell) with chicken, franks, homemade ranch,  lettuce, onions, cucumbers, and green peppers and a handful of nut mix

Dinner: (at inlaws) half a grilled ribeye, grilled zucchini and summer squash, half a larabar (for the fats) **Also, I was pretty hungry and in hang out mode at their house and forgot to take a picture of this one.

Snack: handful of nuts



I can tell from today that the buffalo chicken salad is going to be strong in my rotation, mostly because I LOVE franks, and really would eat in on anything, but it’s superb with salad and chicken. I also have started to think that I’m doing better than I thought overcoming the cravings and believing in what I’m doing. I really think that reading the book and learning as much about the science of what happens to food in my body has put me at more at ease with my food choices right now. I’m hoping that the next few days stay fairly easy since they’re going to be busy and full of travel, temptation, and stress. Also, I start a new job next week, so I am nervous about going to work while eating this way and being around temptation. So far, so good though. Today was better than yesterday, and hopefully that is something I will be able to say for many more days.


And, now I’m tired, goodnight.

Tell me it gets better…

Okay, so today downright sucked. It was my hardest day so far. Most of the day today I laid on my bed and was totally sick to my stomach. The nausea lasted for about eighty percent of my time awake. I also fell asleep midday as I was trying to relax and not throw up on myself. I had to literally choke down my lunch (which is not properly pictured here because I was almost vomiting and didn’t think I could even look at the food). My fiance was my savior today, he saw how badly I was feeling and he offered to make dinner. I went out to help chop because I was trying to keep my mind off dying. He wanted to make buffalo chicken salad which is a favorite of mine, and it really filled my stomach and nourished me to the point where I was feeling MUCH better after. I think it really kicked me in the ass, which is what I needed. Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: 2 eggs over medium with a handful of blueberries

Lunch: half a cucumber sliced, a date, a handful of my nut mix (hazelnuts, cashews, almonds)

Snack: hardboiled egg (this almost made me barf) and more nut mix for fat

Dinner: ‘buffalo’ chicken salad – we adjusted this with what we had and it was leftover chicken from last night, franks red hot sauce (my favorite), homemade ranch on lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers and onions.

All I can say about today is that I’m hoping that the next few days aren’t anything like it. It was pretty brutal and I am trying to tell myself it will only get better from here. Thank god for that dinner salad or I would have been curled up in bed well before now. Lets hope tomorrow doesn’t suck as much!

Onward and Upward, or some shit like that…


Freaking birthdays….

So I need to catch up on my whole 30 diary. Yesterday was hard! My baby brother turned 21 which is awesome and scary because he’s the last of our generation. I honestly can’t believe he’s all grown up. Our cousins came to celebrate with us and we took Z to the bar. It was a night full of temptations. A warm summer night and the street food was everywhere, as well as the drinks. I felt a little bad about not being able to have a drink with my brother, but in the long run I’m sure I’ll have many. I did pretty well throughout the day, but felt kind of craving-ish and grumpy at night. I didn’t get the headache as bad, but D was pissy all day.  Food diary for yesterday (day 2)

Breakfast: Scotch egg with a fried-in ghee egg (too much sausage on these things, needs two eggs IMO) and raspberries.

Lunch: chili leftovers on a half a sweet potato with lettuce.

Dinner: 2 eggs scrambled with some mushrooms, avocado, and salsa on top.

Snacks: peach and a couple handfuls of nut mix (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts)


Yesterday was hard, but today was even harder. 
I got to sleep in a little this morning, which was lovely because I have been feeling insanely tired. That’s one big difference, I have just been totally pooped since starting this. Totally hoping I get that energy burst soon. 

Anyways, today was hard because it’s been stupid hot for the past few days, and last night was long, and my son didn’t nap, and I could go on. Just lots to do in one day. I also started dinner too late, and forgot I had a hardcore hooping class so I had to leave JUST before dinner was done (UGH!). 

So I went to my hooping class without anything in my stomach (way to go, Ambre) and wasn’t entirely feeling it. However, when I got home I had food ready so that was a plus. Here’s a recap of my food intake today. 

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with mushroom, chard, and scallions, topped with salsa.

Lunch: Fiesta tuna with green pepper, cucumber, and jicama sticks (this was SO good!)

Dinner: Paleo chicken fingers with cumin roasted carrots. 

Snacks: Banana with sunbutterImage

 I didn’t even eat a green at dinner, but I was not feeling great, so I just opted to finish what was already prepared and go lay down. I’m not feeling awesome tonight, pretty tired, a little dizzy, and I keep having bouts of nausea.The headache seems to have subsided today, so that’s a win.  I’m hoping it’s just for today. I’m not sure exactly what’s planned for tomorrow, but I keep on believing that the next day will be better.  Anyway, I need to get some sleep tonight, hopefully that will help…


And so it begins… Day 1

Day one of my whole30.

I feel like it went okay. Most of the day I was totally full and satisfied, however I did notice toward the end of the day I started feeling crabby. I also started to get a headache off and on, which could have also been from the fact that it was ninety plus degrees today so maybe I didn’t drink enough water, even though I’m pretty sure I went over a gallon. Anyways, hopefully the next week won’t be too difficult as I fight off the sugar demon.  

Day 1 Food:

Breakfast: Scotch egg w/ half avocado. I love these, they are filling and they taste so good! Image

Lunch: Easy Mexican Salad served over lettuce. This was great. It filled me up for a long time as dinner came late today but I wasn’t starving by the time we got home. Image

Dinner: My Fav. Choc Chili with lettuce, onion, and half avocado on top. This was amazing, it was great to come home to a delicious meal ready in the slow cooker and it was also very filling. (I started nomming before I even took the picture, HA)Image

Snack: a couple of raspberries and a half a banana

I think today was fairly simple. I do wish I had realized I was making two ground beef dishes in the same day. I didn’t intend to, but it did use up a three-pound package of meat I got this weekend. I also wish I’d realized I was making two spicy tomato based meals because I am sitting here burping like a champion.  

Water: 5- 32oz cups full of water.

Now I am super tired (which is unusual for me being a chronic insomniac) so I am going to take advantage if that, and hope I get a few hours of rest.