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Whole30 Day 23, why the hell am I so hungry?

Okay, so today, I am feeling hungry. A lot of the day I’ve just felt like I needed more food. I am starting to wonder where I am going wrong and why I am so hungry all the time lately. I know I am eating about the same amount at meal times as I have been the whole time, but throughout I seem to be getting hungrier.

I suppose I should start increasing my meal portions a little and I definitely need to put more fats into my diet (besides damn NUTS) because that’s what is supposed to keep me full, and I’m obviously failing at that. I am having a hard time eating a half an avocado or any fats really with most meals. The problem is I’m making meals easily accessible and making them quickly to eat quickly, which I know is a part of the bigger issue. 

Anyway, there’s only room to get better, and if I’m going to snack, I suppose I’d rather it be on nut and raisin mix than any of the crap I used to go to for snacks. Hopefully as I get further into my whole60 I will be capable of making better choices on the fly.

Breakfast: two eggs scrambled, half a banana with almond butter on it **Need to add veggies to breakfast and more fats/protein**

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad with a half a pecan pie larabar and a small togo pack of black olives. *need more fats*

Dinner: steak marinated in some olive oil and vinegar with summer squash **more Fats and more vegetables.

Snacks: three handfuls of nuts and the other half of the larabar.


Another busy day with work tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to keep myself in check. I think I really need to work at it again, and possibly on my next day off make a good meal plan for the next week and find some new recipes for myself that include the things I need. Another day down, hell yes!