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Whole30 Day 25 and I’m still alive.

Recap of food from yesterday

Breakfast: two small sausage patties, sweet potato homefries, and a fried in ghee egg on top! SO MUCH YUM!

Lunch: taco meat leftovers on a salad with onions, and green pep, salsa, and franks

Dinner: grilled chicken marinated in balsamic and olive oil, zucchini and summer squash, cauliflower

Snacks: probably 4 handfuls of nuts (ugh, didn’t feel great after the late night nut binge.) and a couple pieces of watermelon with lunch.

I felt really good yesterday. I was a little extra hungry, but I think our day was much longer than normal. We stayed late at my parents to hang out and catch up with them. I did have too much nut and raisin mix as a night time snack and noticed I got a bubbly belly after eating them, so that kind of stinks. I have begun to notice when certain things are effecting me, and how. I’m wondering and debating over whether I should do the low FODMAP autoimmune diet part of the whole30 for the next thirty days, as I do feel that I may be reacting to some of the higher FODMAP foods. Eh, I’ll think it over.

I was thinking today that if I continue my whole30 for another thirty days then I’ll be done with summer, and may have missed out on some of the amazing summer foods that Maine has to offer. Such as fried seafood and ice cream fresh from the farm. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I do think there will be more summers in my life and that now is the time to change so that I can enjoy those foods forever without feeling guilty about them. Still leaning towards my sixty days. 

BigD is having a rough time still, he’s not eating enough (because he’s such a damn picky eater) and he’s complaining that he wants all the shitty foods “because they taste good.” I’m pretty sure he’s got the palette of a spoiled five year old.  Hopefully I can teach littleD to be a better eater than that. 

Okay, well I’ve got a crap load of things still to do on this wet gross day, like hunt for some new reading glasses, exchange some pants that are TOO BIG for me, and make a stop at the dreadful mall to get some more smelly stick so everyone at my new job doesn’t realize I’m the stinky hippie. 🙂



Whole30 Day 24 eats.

Food first…

Breakfast: dunkin donuts black coffee with full fat coconut milk I brought from home, sausage with fried egg and sweet potato home fries (which I burned while I was doing my hair, BOO!)

Lunch: Buffalo Chicken Salad w/ greens, tomatoes, cukes, a plop of homemade ranch and franks hot sauce.

Dinner: Taco meat in a lettuce leaf with salsa, peppers and onions sauteed in coconut oil and olive oil, guacamole, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Snacks: three handfuls of nuts throughout the day

Sooo… today went well. I had a very busy day at work, but that kept me from really thinking about food. However I find that when I get focused on my work and forget to eat something between breakfast and lunch I am ravenous by lunch. I will say, the coffee today was a godsend! It kept me awake and alert and also, uhm, cleared me out, and made me feel a little lighter, HA!  I did feel very hungry between lunch and dinner, but I think we ate dinner later than normal. I really find it hard to dig out snacks when I’m super busy, so I always go to the damn nuts.

Anyway, today was busy and I am tired already, don’t have to work tomorrow, so hopefully I can get some stuff done, and if I feel motivated enough, maybe I’ll even work out, BAHA.

Ta ta… 

Whole30 Day 23, why the hell am I so hungry?

Okay, so today, I am feeling hungry. A lot of the day I’ve just felt like I needed more food. I am starting to wonder where I am going wrong and why I am so hungry all the time lately. I know I am eating about the same amount at meal times as I have been the whole time, but throughout I seem to be getting hungrier.

I suppose I should start increasing my meal portions a little and I definitely need to put more fats into my diet (besides damn NUTS) because that’s what is supposed to keep me full, and I’m obviously failing at that. I am having a hard time eating a half an avocado or any fats really with most meals. The problem is I’m making meals easily accessible and making them quickly to eat quickly, which I know is a part of the bigger issue. 

Anyway, there’s only room to get better, and if I’m going to snack, I suppose I’d rather it be on nut and raisin mix than any of the crap I used to go to for snacks. Hopefully as I get further into my whole60 I will be capable of making better choices on the fly.

Breakfast: two eggs scrambled, half a banana with almond butter on it **Need to add veggies to breakfast and more fats/protein**

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad with a half a pecan pie larabar and a small togo pack of black olives. *need more fats*

Dinner: steak marinated in some olive oil and vinegar with summer squash **more Fats and more vegetables.

Snacks: three handfuls of nuts and the other half of the larabar.


Another busy day with work tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to keep myself in check. I think I really need to work at it again, and possibly on my next day off make a good meal plan for the next week and find some new recipes for myself that include the things I need. Another day down, hell yes!

Whole30 Days 20- 22

Holy…I feel like I’m so busy all the time but really not much is going on. I think that’s part of being a mom, always feeling like things take a shit ton longer than they really need to.

I don’t feel like my eating habits have been that good the past week or so, I feel like I am more hungry than I have been, and I’m having a difficult time getting fats in because of the types of meals I’m eating and the way I’m speed cooking things. I’ve been eating more nuts than I’d like to, but I keep getting caught in situations where I am hungry and away from my house and have nothing but some nut mix that I’ve made. These two things are a big part of my reason to want to continue on with the whole30 after the thirty days. I am really feeling like perhaps I will do a whole60, because, why the hell not? I am feeling decent, but I know I could and would feel better if I could make some little adjustments. I feel like the first thirty days have been a warm up and now I know what little stupid mistakes not to make. *Such as not realizing there are sulfites in the balsamic vinegar my MIL bought to put on our salads, or that for some stupid reason there is white wine in the sauerkraut that I bought.*

 So I would really like to do a perfectly clean whole30 without making any errors and forgetting to read labels.  Anyway, here’s a recap for the past couple days. 

Day 20

Breakfast: two eggs scrambled with some olive oil

Lunch: Haddock baked in coconut oil with a mix of almond meal, garlic powder, trader joes 21 seasoning salute and some salt on top (holy CRAP this was UNREAL good!) with spinach 

Dinner: I can’t remember for the life of me, temporary brain fart.

Day 21

Breakfast: two eggs cooked in olive oil (the only thing we had at the inlaws) with spinach sauteed with olive oil and garlic.

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad with onions, cukes, red pepper, tomato

Dinner: bunless burgers with mustard on lettuce with a side of zucchini

Day 22

Breakfast: two eggs scrambled with spinach and salsa on top

Lunch:  leftover haddock baked with coconut oil and almond meal on top with 1/2 a summer squash and a handful of snap peas.

Dinner: bunless burgers again (we got a deal on ground beef and I’m feel uncreative) with onions, homemade ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut*, wrapped in lettuce. Summer squash on the side.

All in all I’d say I’m doing well. I really am starting to debate over whether I want to do a whole60 or longer. I’m thinking I may just go on eating this way until I’m at the level I want to be with my energy and my body is where I want it to be. I really don’t have a problem sustaining myself on this kind of diet, now that I know what I’ve been missing and how to correct my issues. I am also considering starting some digestive enzymes this week, because I have been having some stomach issues and bloat, which this diet is supposed to calm and not trigger.  Hopefully starting the enzymes, and getting more sources of fat into my body will help me to get on track and keep going for the next thirty days.

I also think a lot of the lackluster results/ feelings I am having are due in part to the fact that not only did I start a whole30 and quit smoking my occasional evening cigarette (yes, boo I suck, whatever) at the same time, but I also started working for the first time in three years and my schedule as well as sleeping patterns are all shot to hell. I think by getting on a semi regular schedule and keeping up with the whole30 I will be able to get myself on track. This is definitely a lifestyle change for me, and I’m hoping that my family and friends will understand. 

I understand how much willpower I have now. I understand that I am capable of turning down that crappy super stimulating food when it’s placed in front of me. I am perfectly capable of slaying the sugar dragon. Now that I know these things, which I always doubted in myself, I realized how strong I am. I am totally capable of getting where I want to be and I will get there!

Okay, now I have to force myself to sleep, for there is work to be had in the morning…

Whole 30 Eats recap, and how all my electronics broke on the same day.

Day 13

Breakfast: hardboiled egg, sausage, and zucchini

Lunch: leftover tilapia, steak, zucchini, carrots, summer squash.

Dinner: two hamburger patties,  zucchini,  summer squash,  watermelon,  sauerkraut,  mustard,  homemade ketchup,  onion’s, lettuce.

Day 14

Breakfast: two eggs scrambled with red peppers and sausage, with hotsauce on top.

Lunch: tilapia w/ wilted kale

Dinner: Sunday dinner at bigD’s parents. carrots, broccoli, snap peas sauteed in olive oil, chicken marinated with vinegar and oil, tomatoes in balsamic, cucumbers in dill, zucchini, summer squash, onions and london broil from the grill.

Day 15

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms and sausage and a couple strawberries.

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad

Dinner: chicken with mexican spices in a cabbage leaf with salsa and a side of broccoli.

Day 16

Breakfast: two hard boiled eggs and a couple pieces of zucchini.

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad with lettuce, onion, tomatoes, green pep, snap peas

Dinner: mustard marinated pork chops (bigD made this and it was SO good.) with broccoli and zucchini

Day 17

Breakfast: two eggs fried in ghee with summer squash

Lunch: buffalo chicken sald with lettuce, onions, tom, pep, cukes, snap peas and franks, also had some strawberries.

Dinner:  chicken marinated in balsamic vinegar and oil, salad with olive oil on top, zucchini.

Day 18

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs *

Lunch: chicken cooked in ghee with guacamole on top and zucchini

Dinner: Leftover mustard pork with zucchini

Day 19

Breakfast: one hardboiled egg (I know, shitty breakfast, but my hardboiled eggs FROZE in my stupid fridge and when I took three out to eat, all but one was ruined totally)

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad (go-to work lunch) with onions, cukes, green pep, tomato, greens, snap peas, and franks.

Dinner: mexican meatza! holy crap, this was SO good. Nothing like pizza, but I like eating a hamburger patty that’s thin as opposed to making regular patties and eating them without a bun. with some green beans and brussel sprouts.

Day 20

Breakfast: two eggs scrambled (I’m running out of veggies and need to shop!)

So, all of my electronics seemed to have broken on the same day. No phone, computer, or anything was working for me after tuesday for some reason. I’ve had a SUPER crazy week and working is making me run around like a maniac all the time. I am hoping to be able to settle into a regular pattern soon, but it’s taking me longer than I’d like. We’ll see what happens in the next couple days. I know it’s going to be a hectic weekend, but I think I need to set some rules for myself and hopefully I can get back on track.

Grumpy and tired today, but my sleep has been all crazy off.

Saw BECK on Thursday night and it was AMAZING! Unreal in fact, he was SO good, he had the entire place on it’s feet and jumping. Waited far too long for him to come out here! After the show was the best part. D got a shirt signed and his parents got a picture. I am so tired and it’s 2pm, I have to go eat. Plan for the rest of the day Haddock, spinach and brussel sprouts for late lunch. Then hopefully getting something quick into my belly before going to see The Head and the Heart tonight! Weekend full of concerts! jimmy eat world on sunday, WOO!

Okay, I’m sleepy just thinking about it.


day eight is great…ish.

Okay, so today I am feeling kind of blah. I really don’t feel great, and have been hungry more today than in the previous days. I’m also having a hard time finding food that I want to eat enough of to fill me up, and I have had a lingering headache. I don’t think I drank enough water today, which I think is what’s causing my headache. I also had a semi busy day and was rushing when I ate my lunch and didn’t like that too much. Tomorrow I start a new job and I’m nervous to 1. be away from my son for long periods of time, and 2. keep on track with eating when I’m super busy and stressed. Hopefully I’ll get better at preparing and find some more meals that I like that I can prepare ahead of time. Right now I feel like we’re still in the meal testing phase so we’re ending up with leftovers of things that we don’t really love and are ‘forgetting’ to eat.

Breakfast: two eggs scambled in ghee, three strawberries, some green beans

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad (forgot picture again)

Dinner: spaghetti squash (YUM) with meatballs and sauce. These meatballs were not good, at all. They tasted pretty much like chewing on plain old hamburger without any flavor, and almost made the meal hard to eat. Good thing I still have six leftover, BOO!

Snack: a couple bites of littleD’s key lime pie larabar, two handfuls of nuts, a few strawberries.

So, tomorrow is my first working day and hopefully it will go well. I’m very excited and nervous. I need to go pack myself some food, wish me luck!

Hell yes, week 1 is done!

Today marks the end of my first week of this whole30.

I’m so glad to say that it’s over and I’m hoping that the next three weeks will be much better. I’m trying to keep up with what I’m eating, and have been keeping it all in a journal, but have been forgetting to take pictures because I get so into the making and eating process. We were out all day today, we have actually been running since Saturday night, so I’m extremely proud that we have been able to keep making healthy choices. We packed our meals since we knew we’d be out, but we forgot to pack a fat to cook in, so handfuls of nuts took place of our fats today.

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs, handful of blueberries, handful of nuts.

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad, couple bites of cashew cookie larabar, three medium shrimp

Dinner: pork and steak marinated in olive oil, vinegar, and fresh herbs with summer squash, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, wilted chard, onions, red pepper, and some salad.*

Snack: a handful of nuts, half a can of sardines

*Dinner was WONDERFUL! My MIL is so amazing about being accommodating to our diet! She is so funny and understanding, she definitely gets where I’m coming from and has been welcoming of information I have to share with her. She is overwhelmingly supportive of almost all the choices we make and I couldn’t be more thrilled. This was her first attempt at cooking this way for us, too. Our family Sunday dinner are a special time for us all and I was worried we may have to give them up for this part of our lifestyle change. Thankfully, she’s fully supportive, and made us a darn good dinner!

Anyway, today was great, we played a lot with littleD, and took him to see Thomas the Train which was about the best thing he’s ever seen! He was blown away and had an absolute blast! We all had fun, and i felt great throughout the day. I was able to resist the (semi disgusting) smelling fair-type food at the festival, and made healthy choices and didn’t feel unsatisfied. All in all, I think I’m doing well. Hopefully it just keeps getting better from here on out. I do have to say, I am amazed at how much willpower I have, and I wish I had known this sooner. I am WAY stronger than I ever thought, and capable of resisting SO much!

Tomorrow’s another day!